Intensive Program:
The intensive program is directed towards participants who need a more structured level of care. Participants attend three to five times per week and are involved in three hours of clinical services that include group and individual counseling, job readiness, and computer literacy.

Clinic Program:
Individuals attend two to three evenings per week. Sessions are sixty minutes in duration and are comprised of group, individual and family counseling, drug education, relapse prevention and anger management. The program is geared towards helping participants gain and maintain the skills necessary to live a substance free lifestyle.

Domestic Violence Program:
A cognitive-behavioral approach is used to assess and promote change readiness. Participants explore their individual life history, thinking patterns, personal beliefs and attitudes that influence their abusive behavior, to restructure thinking patterns, practice positive ways to resolve conflict and disagreement, establish healthy attachments and prosocial thoughts and behavior. The discharge goal is the acceptance of responsibility for past action, and a commitment to choose positive behavior in the present and future.

Sex Offender Program:
Treatment includes the continuous assessment of risk, exploration of sexual attitudes and behaviors, offender responsibility, risk management to decrease the likelihood of reoffending, consequential thinking, offenders viewing their crime from the victim’s perspective, developing empathy for their victim. Concurrently, we provide assessment and support in attaining positive and stable housing, employment, and relationships. Participants must have a primary substance use disorder

Co-occurring Disorder:
Treatment is geared towards individuals who have a substance use and mental health condition. Participants must be psychiatrically stabilized. Treatment includes screening, developing awareness of their specific mental illness, symptom management, understanding how substance use impact the effectiveness of medication management and mood stabilization to avoiding decompensation. We provide psychiatric evaluations and medication management on site. We provide case management and coordination of care with other providers. Treatment includes group, individual, couple and family counseling

The frequency, duration and program level is determined by the individual’s need. REACT Center accepts Medicaid, selected private insurance, and self-paying clients based on a sliding fee scale.

No one is turned away based on an inability to pay.